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The New Way To Protect Your Plants From The Heat

Physical Plant Protection Is Past Its Prime

British weather is some of the most changeable in the world. While we don’t have a lot of ‘extreme’ weather, it’s nearly impossible to accurately predict, which can make life very difficult for gardeners.

That’s why we have so many physical methods of protecting our plants. Plant blankets for cover in the winter and greenhouse shading and water irrigation in the summer are a few of the most popular methods. But it’s always been hotly debated as to how well these methods really work.

This is why we have developed a range of products that can protect your plants from unpredictable weather more efficiently. We know that by bringing out certain qualities in plants, we can help them to help themselves by managing their natural reaction to stressful situations.

Here’s an example – When a plant is subject to high temperatures its natural reaction is to wilt and abort its flowers in a last ditch attempt to survive. This happens because the plant can’t get enough moisture from the soil in order to cope with the high temperatures.

This adds up to the risk of your plants dying when a sudden hot spell comes along.

However, by changing the plant’s natural reaction to heat stress you can save them from this fate. Envii Chill Out reprograms the plant’s natural reaction by redirecting a plant’s growth into its roots rather than growing upwards and suppresses the gene that makes a plant abort flowers and shoots. This means that when high temperatures come along, the plant has a much larger source of water and nutrients to survive on. Then, when the temperature drops to a normal level, the plant automatically returns to its normal growth and development.

The product was initially designed for glasshouses in the Middle East where temperatures soar to over 40°C. Then, having been extensively tested by the University of Nottingham, we decided to launch it to amateur and professional gardeners alike. This means that, without the need for complicated water irrigation systems, unreliable shading or constant tending to, gardeners can grow their plants without the risk of them dying from heat stress.

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5 Tips To Keep Your Greenhouse Plants Protected

Treat with Envii Chill Out

A plant’s natural reaction to excessive heat is to wilt, abort leaves and flowers. Our first suggestion is for you to try treating your plant with Envii “Chill Out”, this reprograms the reaction, redirecting the plant’s growth to its roots, allowing for greater water and nutrient intake. Chill Out also has the proven benefits of increased yield and improved flavour of edible plants. Treat every 14 days and reap the rewards!

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Make sure the air is flowing through

Good airflow is important to keeping a greenhouse cool. Roof vents are the most effective form of ventilation; hot air rises through convection and escapes through the roof keeping the greenhouse cooler. It’s also important to have some ventilation on the side to let cooler air in. On smaller greenhouses the door can be used as a vent to great effect.

Choose the right plants

Do your homework. Greenhouse conditions mirror more tropical climates which is why we can grow tropical plants like tomatoes and chillies. There are hundreds of places on the internet to find this information but here’s one we like:


Water the soil, not the plant

If someone was really hot and dehydrated would you throw a glass water over them or pass it them to drink? It’s the same principle with plants and you might be thinking we’re pointing out the obvious but you wouldn’t believe how common this mistake is.

Check regularly

Vigilance is paramount! Keep a constant watchful eye on your plants. They’ll quickly tell you if the conditions aren’t right.

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Image by Ronald Saunders