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Feed & Protect – BBC Radio 2’s Terry Walton Endorsement

You might remember back in March, Terry Walton (BBC Radio 2’s Allotment/Gardening Expert) gave Early Starter a great endorsement.

Well since then he’s been trying out some of our other amazing gardening probiotics.

Here’s what he had to say about Feed & Protect, our two-in-one plant food and slug repellent.


” I am well-known for my vegetable growing but I also grow flowers; notably sweet peas to tempt pollinating insects to my plot. But I have a secret agenda in growing these and that is to please my wife with a fragrant bouquet of these brilliant flowers when I am late back from the plot!

They are however not the easiest plants to grow and are a delicacy for slugs and snails. Also they succumb to diseases and aphids very quickly.

I received a tub of Envii Feed and Protect and this looked like a solution to many of my sweet pea problems.  When they were planted out I watered them with a solution of this product and they grew vigorously. I was sceptical of its claim to ward off slugs and snails due to making its foliage distasteful to these munching molluscs!

I haven’t tasted its foliage myself, but there is no doubt that its leaves have not been ‘nibbled’.

The plants are watered every ten days with Envii Feed & Protect and I must say they are the healthiest sweet peas I have ever grown. The flowers are just appearing and I have had no bud drop this year which is a bonus.

The product also meets my ethos of organic gardening and there are no dead poisoned bodies of slugs to affect the wild life in my area.

This certainly looks the answer to my prayers for this crop and I will certainly try it out on my vulnerable vegetable crops.”

Another big thanks to Terry Walton for his endorsements!

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Customer Stories – Ian Stewart

We recently sent some Envii Foundation to competition grower, Ian Stewart. Here’s what he had to say about his experience with it:

“I remember as a young boy in the Sixties, watching my father tend the plants in the Colliery Manager’s greenhouse and I asked him, “What makes a good gardener?”

He replied, “A plant is like a human, it does not like to be too wet or dry, too hot or cold.” These were wise words.

Looking around, all the plants were glowing with health this year. I have used Envii Foundation and the results brought back memories of those plants that were grown to perfection.

I potted show leeks on from 7inch pots to 12inch deep fill pots. The plants put on so much growth, they were pot bound in 4 weeks! With some of the leftover mix, I potted the tomatoes and they doubled in size in one week.

I am too well known in the North East to recommend anything that isn’t the best. We have some of the greatest show gardeners in the world here and they would put me in my place if I was wrong!

I am looking forward to a full season using Bio8’s Envii products as they are an asset to any gardener that wants the best.”


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Pond Klear – 10 Day Test in Fish Pond

Over the last two weeks or so, we’ve been testing Pond Klear in a real-life situation. A customer bought a bottle of Pond Klear Xtra and approached us for some advice and after hearing how green his pond was we saw a great opportunity to show what our product is capable of.


This is the pond, complete with an unsightly metal gate to keep the herons out. Believe it or not there are a few beautiful fish hidden in there but we had to take his word for it! We put 150ml of Pond Klear Xtra into a bucket of pond water and distributed evenly over the pond surface. A normal dose for a pond of this size would be 50ml but we always recommend starting off with a double or triple dose to allow the bacteria to become established.



Pond Test Day 1

This picture shows the pond after 1 day. As you can see the bacteria has started to take effect. The fish are just about visible although it’s very difficult to see any of their patterns. The floor of the pond is definitely not visible and there is a strong green colour to the water.



Pond Test Day 5

This is after 5 days. There is a clear difference; the structure of the pond is visible; the fish are visible (but quite hard to spot in this picture); and the pond generally looks a lot healthier. At this point we gave the pond another standard dose (50ml) of Xtra and cleaned out the filter. It’s extremely important to clean the filter as often as possible because the bacteria in Pond Klear will dislodge a lot of organic material which will then get caught in the filter. While this is a good thing, if too much material gets stuck in the water it will stop working.



Pond Test Day 10

This shows the pond 10 days after first dosage. As you can see the Pond Klear Xtra has completely cleared the pond. The floor of the pond is visible and you can even see the frogspawn hidden beneath the surface. This really shows how effective Pond Klear can be if it’s used correctly.


There are a few reasons Pond Klear has worked so well on this pond –

It has a working filter – The bacteria in Pond Klear (and all Envii Pond products) do two things. They eat some of the organic material and dislodge the rest. This means that the organic material that has been dislodged (or disturbed) will then be sucked into the filter. If you clean your filter every few days while treating Pond Klear will work considerably faster.

Started with a triple dose – You can’t really overdose with Pond Klear. While we wouldn’t recommend putting a whole bottle in, it’s perfectly safe to start with a double or triple dose. Bacteria reproduces logarithmically (1 becomes 2, 2 becomes 4 etc.) so by starting with a strong dose it will get to work much quicker.

Used Pond Klear XtraPond Klear and Pond Klear Xtra are exactly the same except Xtra is 3x stronger. For a pond as green as this one we’d always recommend using Xtra as it will get to work much quicker. At £27.99 you get the equivalent of 3 bottles of Pond Klear for the price of 2.

No UV lights – UV lights kill both good and bad bacteria. This means that, while they do help keep your pond clear, they will render any bacteria treatment useless. If you have any UV lights make sure to turn them off for 2-3 days during treatment.  

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The Tomato Test 2

Time for an update. This post is the second in our testing of Envii Foundation on tomato plants. As you’ll recall, in the first test we basically established how the test was going to work – 3 different tomato plants with foundation and 3 different tomato plants without. Remember the plants with the foundation were planted a week later so that we could show them playing catch up.









A week on and you can already tell the difference. The plants on the left were treated with Foundation and on all three pictures they are larger than the untreated plants. It’s fair to say that all the plants look reasonably healthy but the ones treated with Foundation are bigger and have wide-spread leaves. Furthermore, they are all a consistent deep green which is another sign of plant health.  Not forgetting, of course, that they have had a week less to grow.

This shows the effectiveness of Foundation as a kick-starter for plants. Any gardener knows that healthy soil is essential for healthy plants and this back-garden test shows just that. The following tests will examine whether Foundation can continue to help a plant grow or whether it is just effective at the start.

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The Tomato Test

There’s nothing like a home grown tomato, they are sweeter, plumper and tastier than their shop-bought equivalents. However, as most amateur gardeners will tell you, they can be a pain-in-the-**** to grow. Even if you nurture them like your own children, follow the endless advice available, and constantly watch them out the window in a state of paranoia, sometimes they just don’t work.

Over the next few weeks we will be covering ways of how you can minimise the risks and maximise your yields; hopefully with minimum effort. We’re looking specifically at Envii Foundation (which can be bought from Amazon or eBay for £9.99). Foundation is a soil treatment that gives the soil essential nutrients it needs to provide a good base for a plant. This means that it is not a plant treatment – it is something that should be used before planting for maximum effect.

Foundation is traditionally used in the hydroponic and commercial agriculture industries. Of course, when there’s money involved it’s hugely important to get your plants off to a good start. In the USA results showed a 35% increase in survival rate  (from 60% to 95%) in commercial crops grown in rockwool which makes Foundation invaluable to these growers.

Getting the basics right

So on the 22nd May we started to run some tests. We bought 3 Tomato plants from B&Q (1 x Gardener’s Delight, 1 x Beefsteak and 1 x Alicante) and several B&Q growbags!

We took 3 identical tubs, put a plant in each, watered them with 2 litres of water and put them in the greenhouse.

A week later, we repeated this test – bought 3 plants, put them in the greenhouse etc – but this time added a tablet of foundation in with the water.

tomato (foundation) week 1 small     tomato (without foundation) week 1 small

Now I know what you’re are thinking – why did they wait a week? Well we though the best way to prove our point would be to show the foundation treated plants play catch up!

The next post will show progress after 1 week.

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