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Featured Product – Kit Fresh

What Is Kit Fresh?

This weeks featured product is Kit Fresh.
Kit Fresh has been designed to eliminate the smell of sweat in shoes, sports equipment and clothing rather than masking it up like many other deodorisers. Kit Fresh eliminates the source of bad odours to leave behind a fresh mint smell and clean, odour free clothing. As there are no harsh chemicals in our products, they are environmentally friendly and safe for use around all humans and animals.

How Does Kit Fresh Work?

Containing task-specific bacteria and enzymes, Kit Fresh works by encapsulating the source of the odour and sealing it in. The bacteria then get to work to break down the proteins and lipids that create the odour. Once these have been broken down, the enzymes get to work to digest them completely.

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It…

R East – Speedy delivery does what it says on the bottle! Great for ski boots

Marie – Good product that I’ve used for cleaning my horse riding hat and a few other various items. Smells quite pleasant and dries relatively quickly. Would purchase again.

A. P. Richardson – I use this to spray the inside of my motorcycle helmet and gloves (they can get pretty rank) and I have to say that it works perfectly – the smell just disappeared.

How to Get Sweat Smell Out of Clothes?

Cold wash features on washing machines are becoming more and more popular as people try to be as environmentally friendly as possible, whilst saving as much money as possible. However, this is one of the main reasons people find it hard to remove sweat odours from clothes, especially sports equipment. The low temperatures struggle to break down odour which is why your gym clothes don’t smell as fresh as other clothes after washing. Spraying your clothing with Kit Fresh after washing and drying will break down and eliminate any remaining odours.

Why Do Football Boots Smell?

Anybody that plays football or has kids that play football or any other sport will know that the kit and the boots in particular can, overtime become very pungent. The main reason for this is the care of the boots. They are worn in wet, muddy conditions and then just thrown in a bag until the following week. During this time, any moisture in the boots slowly dries and leaves behind a damp smell. This coupled with the sweat odour that has been left behind make for a very unpleasant smell. Take care of your boots, clean them properly, dry them properly and treat with Kit Fresh and you should have smell free boots that can last for years and years.

Does Newspaper Make Shoes Smell Better?

There is a common misconception that packing out your shoes with newspaper when you are not wearing them will make them smell better. Newspaper does have a use for shoes and could reduce certain smells slightly but it does not break down the odour. Newspaper absorbs the moisture in your shoes and as a result will remove any damp smells that you may have. However, it does not work for sweat. If you have wet football boots for example, we recommend you pack them out with newspaper after cleaning to absorb any moisture whilst they dry and to help them keep their shape. After the boots have dried, remove the newspaper and give the inside of the boots a spray with Kit Fresh to keep them smelling fresh and odour free.

What Is Sweat?

Sweat is a liquid that we all naturally produce from sweat glands located all over the body. This liquid is made up of substances such as water, proteins, salts and lipids. When our bodies get too hot, our nervous system stimulates the sweat glands in our skin to produce this liquid. There are two types of sweat glands, the eccrine glands are small and are the sweat glands that can be found all over your body. Meanwhile the apocrine glands are much larger and can be found in your armpits, apocrine glands are the most likely cause for body odour.

Why Do We Sweat?

Although sweat can be an annoyance to most, it’s main purpose is to cool our bodies down in a process called thermoregulation. As the sweat evaporates from our skin it cools down our body temperature and stops us from overheating. Throughout the day, your body can produce 10-14 litres of sweat. The only reason we sweat is to cool our body down, we sweat when we exercise because our heart rate has increased and our core temperature has increased, we sweat when we are anxious or nervous because our body releases adrenaline and we sweat when we eat spicy food because of a chemical found in spicy food called capsaicin that send signals to the brain similar to overheating signals.

Does Fresh Sweat Smell?

It is important to understand the difference between fresh and stale sweat and what causes the body odour smell. Fresh sweat, the liquid that you feel and see coming from your body does not smell and is not the cause for your body odour. The cause for your body odour is the bacteria that live in and around your armpit. These bacteria survive and grow in moist, humid, nutrient rich environments, making your armpits the perfect home. When the bacteria feed on the sweat, they break it down and create a by-product that has a very distinctive smell, body odour. Stale seat smells stronger because it has had longer to be broken down by bacteria.


New Website Announcement

Our brand-spanking new website is now live! You might already know this depending if you’re reading this blog post on there or on our WordPress blog. Either way, we want to tell you all about it.

After a huge success selling on Amazon and eBay we took the leap to building our own ecommerce website. This will give us much more scope to give our customers lower prices and rewards for their loyalty. It also means that we can really get into detail about our products: how they work, where they’ve come from and how to use them properly.

A very important part of this decision was that we can truly control our product offer. We know that our products are fresh and haven’t been sat in a warehouse for two years, and that they’re packaged properly and sent out quickly. No-one wants a badly-wrapped product, two weeks later than it should have arrived and we know that.

It also gives our customers a chance to communicate with us better. With product reviews, testimonials and comments on our blog section, we want to build a community of gardeners, pond owners and well, anyone who’s interested in what we have to offer.

Have a look around and don’t hesitate to let us know what you think.

Here’s the link just in case –


New product – Envii Revive

Since early 2015 we have been working on a brilliant new product – Envii Revive. Since we came up with the idea and developed the product, we’ve really been putting it through its paces. We gave it out to various testers and the results were incredible (see pictures below). A lot of the times with “miracle” products like this, people become very sceptical; but we’re not saying this is a miracle product, it’s just science!

Revive is basically a selection of different nutrients with different jobs. Some stimulate strong growth, some repair plant damage and some target slow-developing plants. Add these together and you get a triple-whammy of plant-saving activity. Of course, it can’t bring a truly dead plant back to life. What it can do is save a plant that’s on its last legs or alternatively it can help a plant that needs a kick-start.

If you need any more information visit /revive or give us a call on +44(0) 1246 240880.

Welcome to Envii’s Home and Gardening Blog

First off, we need to lay down a few home truths about this blog so that you, as the reader, know where you stand.

Envii is part of Bio8, a small, local-business which develops and sells bacteria-based home and garden products. It’s important to admit that because, first and foremost, we are hoping you will be excited by the products and want to buy them. Now, that doesn’t mean every week we’re going to laboriously list the ingredients of each product and try to flog them at every turn but honesty is always the best policy.

So – you ask – what are we going to write about? The simple answer is gardening. The longer answer is that we’re going to use this blog to write about the real-time testing of our products and how we feel they can offer some unique solutions to age old problems. Initially, we’ll be focusing on some specific subjects such as compost and soil health, maximising greenhouse crops and protection of plants from slugs and snails.

Basically, we know our products work, but being a new business it’s time-consuming and expensive to prove to our customers that they do. Not only that, commercial testing doesn’t represent real-world application and seems far-removed from the customer actually using the product.

This means we won’t be wearing white coats and sitting in a lab all day hand rearing plants with pipettes and microscopes. Instead, we’ll be donning our wellies, going out into the garden and using the products as our customers would with watering cans and dirty hands.

We truly believe in our products, but sometimes it’s not enough to hear it from us. That’s why we are looking for contributors. Any of our customers who want to write an in-depth review of our products – get in touch!

You can email us at or contact us on Facebook and Twitter with any questions or suggestions.

Click here to visit our website

Thanks for reading.