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Customer Stories – Adrian Rodgers

Here’s a great review we recieved about Pond Klear from Amazon Customer, Adrian Rodgers –

“For as many years as I can recall our well stocked fish pond has turned green in spring and we haven’t seen a fish until almost autumn. We’ve tried plants (much to the delight of our grass carp), as many chemical remedies to reduce the algae bloom as there are on the market and traditional barley hay. It’s safe to say that we have never known what eventually gets on top of the problem, it just clears one day.

This year however is different. We introduced your product in early April during which, luckily for us, there was a really cold spell which, presumably delayed the onset of our annual algal bloom problem. Your product states that it works at cold temperatures but nevertheless given our 10 year experience of green water and the multiple products used I must say not much success was anticipated. I’m delighted to state that I was completely wrong. I followed up with a second dose a week later and at about 1 month from dose 1 I’ve added a third. We’re now mid May and the pond is delightfully clear despite the warmer weather and long daylight hours. We no longer have to wait until feeding time for a glimpse of a fish mouth!

Further, the slurry I remove from the filter box no longer sends a whiffy bad eggs aroma up my nose when I lift the lid and I suppose this is a further effect of your product.

An excellent product which I will buy again.


Adrian Rodgers, delighted customer.”

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How To Clean A Pond Without A Filter

We’re constantly being asked –  Will Envii Pond Klear work on a pond without a filter?

The short answer is that it does work on ponds without filters.

Here’s the longer answer…

The bacteria in Pond Klear eat the organic matter (i.e. twigs, bird poo, fish food etc) that decays causing algae and sludge. However, it would be a tall order for them to eat all of the algae and sludge created so they also detach it from any surfaces and clump it together allowing it to be caught in the filter.

So Pond Klear WILL work in a pond without a filter but it won’t work anywhere near as quickly.

Because of this we generally recommend that people use Pond Klear Xtra and Sludge Klear in a pond without a filter. These products together have a far higher concentration of bacteria and work in tandem to eat the organic matter. While it is more expensive, you are guaranteed results.

It’s also worth physically cleaning your pond as best you can by removing anything from the surface. This will give the bacteria less to do and make it work quicker.

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“Sleepless Slugs” are invading British gardens

Last week, BugLife Conservation Charity warned of an invasion of “sleepless slugs” this year.

The organisation suggested that 2016 will see an increased number of slugs due to last year’s wet summer and the warmest winter on record.

Slugs normally hibernate when temperatures drop and stay low. However, this year the temperatures never really dropped which means that slugs have been growing in number all winter long. The warm winter also meant that plants started growing earlier giving the slugs a larger food source and therefore making them bigger.

This could cause devastation to British gardens.

A few weeks ago we wrote two blog posts that could save your garden in the fight against slugs and snails this year!

6 Tips For The Fight Against Slugs & Snails

Protect Against Slugs & Snails with Envii Feed & Protect

Our probiotic products are a natural and powerful way to deter slugs and snails.

Envii Feed and Protect delivers essential micronutrients as a plant food and also acts as a slug/snail repellent.

Envii Feed and Fortify provides a physical barrier to slugs and snails whilst aiding plant’s uptake of nutrients.

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Protect against slugs with Feed & Protect

Slugs and snails are coming! Although slugs are active all year round, your garden is most at risk for the next few months when the conditions are warm and damp and there is plenty of new growth for them to feed on. In our last blog post – 6 Tips For The Fight Against Slugs And Snails – we listed what we think are the best ways to protect against slugs and snails. This is just a reminder about how Feed and Protect works and how it can help your plants.

Feed and Protect has two really important functions:

It Prevents Slugs and Snails

Feed and Protect actually makes the plant distasteful to slugs and snails. This means that, while it won’t keep slugs and snails off your garden, it will certainly stop them munching on your plants. Envii Feed and Protect wasn’t designed for this initially; it was just a spot of luck that makes it a really useful product.

It Feeds the Plant

By delivering essential micronutrients – like Potassium, Boron, Zinc, Iron, Copper etc – to the plant, Feed and Protect allows them to flourish to their maximum capability.

This makes Feed and Protect like no other product on the market. The Feed and Protect formula is used in large scale agriculture as a plant food. Envii have re-packaged it and made it available to the home gardener meaning that you can use what the professionals are using.

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How to protect plants against spring frost

Spring is here. The clocks have gone forward, beer gardens are full and the most fruitful stretch of the gardening calendar is upon us. But the sunny days and cloudless nights have a downside… frost.

Clouds act like a blanket for the sky at night when there is no direct sunlight; on a cloudless night this blanket is gone and the earth is exposed. This means that the glorious sunshine is causing us frosty mornings which, in turn can ruin our early efforts at planting out.

Frost damage can be particularly bad in spring when the plants are young and less hardy. We wrote this blog post in the winter about How Cold Weather Affects Your Plants. Now the winter is over, many gardeners have forgotten about the dangers of frost, leaving their plants at risk. Frost damage can catch out even the most experienced gardeners because it’s very difficult to prepare for.

Here are some methods of protecting against frost –

Plant blankets – You can buy these from any garden centre or online. Very effective but expensive when you have a lot of plants.

Avoid frost pockets – Frost tends to gather in sunken areas so avoid these like the plague. Could be worth using raised beds where possible.

Choose hardy plants – This is your first line of defence. Read the back of seed packets and only choose plants that are suited to this time of year.

Cover with an upside bucket – Or anything else for that matter. You can be a bit creative with alternatives to plant blankets.

Water soil – Wet soil is more resistant to frost than dry soil so water it one or two days before frost is forecast.

Apply Envii Early StarterEarly Starter is a bio-stimulant that protects plants against cold weather. It effectively reprograms the plant to generate more root growth, rather than aerial growth, so that it has better access to water and nutrients. Most importantly this means you can plant earlier in the spring and later in the autumn without the risk of your plants dying.

Terry Walton, BBC Radio 2’s Allotment Doctor said he would “strongly recommend it to any gardener looking to grow in the early season when the weather is cold.” To read the full review, click here.

For more information or to buy Early Starter, click here.

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Why you should be using a compost accelerator


Garden waste composting is nature’s way of dealing with organic waste, if you do it in the right conditions with the right amount of brown and green waste, you should end up with rich-fertile compost.  This is a natural process and should just happen. Right?


Green waste does have indigenous bacteria which, given the right time and conditions, will break down the waste naturally. The problem is green waste doesn’t come with a label saying that it should be composted at X temperature, mixed with X ingredients and with X amount of water. So it comes down to a lot of guess work.
Compost accelerators use bacterial and fungi strains which have been isolated and chosen for their ability to break down green waste.


They create rapid growth of mesophilic microbes that feed on the green waste and generate heat, this heat then create thermophilic microbes which can breakdown more complex materials like cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin.  These high temperatures also kill plant pathogens that may be in the waste. By using a compost accelerator you take out the guess work and speed up the process!

Envii Compost Accelerator is available on our website by clicking here.

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Which pond treatments should you be using in spring?

Throughout the winter, organic matter is being added to your pond. This includes twigs, leaves, bird droppings, undigested fish food and just about anything that can end up in the pond. As this organic matter breaks down it produces ammonia, phosphorous and hydrogen sulphide, which are all sources of food for algae.

This is why it’s so common for ponds to be green when people go back to them in spring. If left untreated it can take all summer long to get them back to a healthy colour, and then winter’s coming round again.

There are products on the market that will clear your pond almost instantaneously. These products work by clumping the organic matter together and sinking it to the bottom of the pond floor, which gives the immediate aesthetic results but will come back to haunt you.

It’s far more beneficial to use a bacterial treatment that will actually digest the organic matter and therefore solve the problem. For the first treatments in spring we recommend using a treatment specifically aimed at pond sludge as it will make reducing any further problems – like green water – much quicker.

Envii Sludge Klear works as low as 4°C which means you can treat far earlier in the year than before. For more information click here.

Sludge Klear - Envii

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