Tips for Growing Spring Onions


For both novice and experienced gardeners alike, spring onions are a great crop to grow. They can be thrown into a range of dishes such as salads, to add delicious flavour and so tick the right boxes to be an essential spring and summer crop to hand.

However, despite their common name, spring onions can be sown anytime from March to September and even as late as October. Provided they are sown in the ideal conditions.

When sowing later in the season (September – October), the best seeds to use are White Lisbon. This variety of spring onions are highly popular among gardeners. Not because they’re quick cropping because all spring onion varieties are quick cropping, but because this particular type also performs well when overwintered. In fact, White Lisbon spring onions are so winter hardy they received an RHS Award of Garden Merit for it. They are also great for gardeners who are struggling for space or budget as these plants come quite affordably as seeds and work well when grown in containers.

With all that being said and October being the final chance to sow this mightly greens, now is the perfect time to share top tips for sowing and growing White Lisbon spring onions.

Get ready to grow in time for a spring harvest…

How to Sow and Grow Spring Onions 


Sow Indoors

We recommend beginners to sow indoors in October as plants and seedlings are sensitive to the potentially frosty weather. Sow seeds in trays of compost ½ an inch deep, covering them with ¼ inch of compost. Keep the seeds moist and within a temperature between 15 to 18 °C. They should start to germinate from 7 to 14 days.


Sow Outdoors

Sow seeds thinly into shallow drills 1.5cm deep, with rows spaced 30cm apart. Water and keep the seed’s environment moist. Once the seeds have germinated and developed into a substantial young plant, cover them with cloches and use a cold weather fertiliser to support their development and protect them from frost damage in the autumn/winter season.

Please note that once transplanting spring onions outdoors, they should be spaced 30cm apart as per sowing outdoor instructions. 

Spring Onions Cultivation and Care

Sunlight and drainage

  • When choosing the permanent growing positions of your spring onions, make sure you set them in a place with full sunlight and is well-draining.


  • Make sure the growing area is free of weeds. If weeds establish in the growing positions, the spring onion plants will suffer in their yield potential due to competing for water, nutrients and space to grow.


  • Spring onions need to be well watered throughout their growth. This is because of their short root length. By keeping them well watered, you sustain them to ensure they produce the best quality crops, even during cold but dry periods throughout winter.

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