3 Spring Blooming Aquatic Plants to Add in the Pond in Autumn



Autumn is here and for many pond keepers its time to say goodbye to sitting outdoors in the sun and enjoying the view of their water garden.

 The frustrating part of this time of year we find is that while there are plenty of tasks to do to make sure the pond is maintained well over the autumn and winter seasons, nobody really gets to reap the rewards of this work until next spring. Nonetheless, the work must be done.

Fortunately, jobs like adding aquatic plants to your pond might give you at least some fulfilment in the meantime.

Autumn is the perfect time for planting in the pond because aquatic plant varieties with spring blooming flowers tend to be more established and will survive the colder season without the disruption of movement and trimming of surrounding plants or features within a pond.

With that being said, here’s a list of the tops aquatic plants you can add to your pond now so that come spring, not only will you have clear water and healthy fish, with these plants – you’ll have a complete and blooming water garden display.


  • Marsh Marigolds

Marsh marigolds are perfect for the pond in autumn since they prefer some or full shade from the sun. Blooming in early spring means they can establish themselves in their preferred environment and put on a display before the sun exposure exceeds their liking. These plants are also useful in the pond to remove algae-producing nutrients whilst also providing a surface area for beneficial bacteria to grow. Adding these plants is a great way to prepare for a cleaner pond come spring.



  • Water Hawthorns

These pond plants are dormant in summer and begin regrowth in autumn, which makes them an essential choice for autumn planting. With leaves that sit on the surface of pond water, they will provide shade to both fish and waste product nutrients to prevent the potential growth of algae. A refreshing choice from the typically recommended aquatic plant, waterlilies.



  • Water Violets

If you’re low maintenance when it comes to your pond then you’re going to love water violets. These frost hardy plants will keep throughout the cold autumn and winter weather, without any need for pruning. That would be one less job to do on the gardening list.

However, we should mention that this plant flowers fully in the summer. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, their green foliage will provide a balanced contrast to the spring flowering aquatic plants mentioned above. And did we mention this plant contributes to the removal of pond nitrates? An often underestimated problem within garden ponds, while also providing an attractive environment for wildlife like bees and frogs.


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