5 Recipes to Make with Your Autumn Harvest

The first day of Autumn is fast approaching and the weather is wasting no time making sure we’re all aware of it. While for some, this season marks an annual break from gardening, many of you are still labouring away. Whether you’re pruning the plants of fruits you enjoyed over the summer or keeping the compost heap going strong and healthy in time for next spring, we’re sure you’ve found many ways to keep yourself busy with jobs to do around the garden this September. However, the fruits of your past labour have passed and it’s now time to think of what to do with the Autumn harvests to come ahead.

That’s why we’ve collated 6 delicious recipes for you to welcome the new season and make the best of your homegrown goods.

1. Leeks and Pumpkins


Colder weather stirs on cravings for hearty and warming foods but before you get yourself armed with a hand blender to whip up the autumn/winter duo of leek and potato soup,  why not try an alternative combination of this leek and pumpkin frittata recipe.  Leeks and pumpkins are both in season, so this is a great recipe if you’ve grown both of these vegetables. However, if you haven’t, not to worry! There’s no harm in buying the other vegetable wherever you prefer.

2. Cauliflower


An autumnal twist on a cheesy classic! Add cauliflower to macaroni cheese to replace a portion of the pasta for a simple way to make this a healthier dish. To make sure your cauliflowers will taste great in this cauliflower macaroni cheese recipe, be sure to harvest them when the heads have developed but the curds are still tightly closed.

3. Sweet Potatoes


Who said flavoursome salads are only reserved for summer!? You can still enjoy tangy flavours with autumn blooming vegetables! Rather than having a cold salad, you can enjoy the warmth in the flavour and appearance of something like this roasted sweet potato salad. Don’t feel limited to sweet potatoes, however, whichever potatoes you’ve grown will go nicely once combined with the range of other flavours. We would also recommend Pink Fir Apple potatoes.

4. Apples


If you’re fortunate enough to have an apple tree in your garden, then every year you’re greeted with the pleasure of many juicy apples blooming from the branches. You might even be wondering how you’re going to consume them all, and the good news is, this apple and cinnamon porridge recipe may be the answer you need! Topping your porridge with apples is a delicious way to look forward the day during the darker and colder mornings. However, be sure your apples are truly ripe when picking them, all they need is a gentle twist and they should come off with their stalk.

5. Apples and Cranberries


Later in the season, you may start to feel festive and want to get more creative with what you could make with your crops, especially heading towards November. We think these apple and cranberry hand pies would do the trick to get you in the spirit of transitioning from autumn. Aim to harvest the last of your apples by the middle of October, and begin picking the first of your ripe cranberries in October too!

Now you have got some new ideas about the unique ways in which you can enjoy the fruit and vegetable crops you’ve been growing, we hope you feel inspired! If you’ve already some got your own recipes prepared, we’d love for you to tweet us how you’ll be enjoying your autumn goods.

Happy Harvesting!


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