Gardening Tips for July


July is a month where the gardening season is already in full swing and a lot of people should be focusing on the enhanced growth and protection of their crops to see them through to harvest. We’ve put together a few tips to remind gardeners of what to do to maintain their progress, what late coming newbies could grow or what experienced gardeners could add to their harvest this year.

Vegetable Gardening Tips for July


Last Chance to Sow?

If you’re only just getting into the gardening spirit, in July, lettuce is a great option for an easy growing vegetable that provides a continuous harvest up until early autumn when sown weekly or bi-weekly. Since this July we’re lucky enough to have persistent daily sunshine, this would be a great time to grow lettuce! Just make sure the soil you’re using is moisture retentive soil as with more sunshine and less rain, there’s a higher risk of drought and less access to nutrients for your plants.


Although it’s getting late into the season for sowing and planting, winter radish varieties can still be sown in July and August. That’s because radishes are a fast maturing vegetable. Again, with the increased sunshine, now is the perfect time to plant radishes as they require a lot of sunlight, so try to position them away from the shade or shade causing plants.


Managing Your Gardening Space

  • Weed regularly

As you tend to your plants, excess fertiliser and water may find its way into the path of weeds also. Meaning that the weeds have the potential to grow at the same rate, if not occasionally faster, than your crops. This can easily be avoided by making sure you keep on top of weeding your gardening space.

  • Water to prevent bolting


In the midst of summer, you will need to water your plants regularly. Vegetables such as onions, spinach and carrots are susceptible to bolting in reaction to lengthier and warmer days. Regular watering can prevent the premature running to seed reaction that happens to crops when there’s a sudden change in weather such as cold spells or long days. This makes crops turn bitter and often unusually in shape, essentially ruining all your gardening efforts!

More sensitive to bolting:

  • Lettuce, Leeks, Fennel, Cabbages


Good luck with the rest of the month. Happy Gardening!




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