Protect Your Plants From The Heat Wave

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This week, UK residents will find themselves in the midst of a heatwave. With strong sunshine and temperatures increasingly climbing as we go throughout the week. it’s a rare occasion for Brits to not have to carry an umbrella, with the weather not having reached such highs for the past 3 years. In the past, hot air has risen, coming up from Africa to create such conditions and this time around, we can expect some parts of the UK to possibly touch 30°C and be hotter than the Sahara desert.

For most people, this is a cause for celebration and BBQs, but unfortunately for gardeners, this means their plants are at risk. With such weather comes extra care required to protect and help plants cope with the change in temperature. We really can’t stress enough how important it is to take measures to protect your plants from the heatwave. If the temperature outside is 28+°C  then can you imagine what it would be inside your greenhouse?

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Most of us serious gardeners have, at one time or another, had plants die because of hot weather. Plant heat protection methods such as greenhouse shading or general sheltering of plants, require gardeners to block sunlight from their plants. In essence, meaning that plants have to sacrifice something they require just in order to cope, this is just one of a few reasons why gardeners shouldn’t be using greenhouse shading to protect their plants. The point is, we all know plants require both sunlight and to some degree heat, so keeping on top of allowing plants to still have enough of both of these in a heatwave can be a hassle.

That’s why we have developed a more reliable method of protecting your plants from the heat. Envii Chill Out is designed to change the way a plant reacts to heat stress (plants typically wilt, abort leaves and flowers/fruit) allowing them to survive.

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Chill Out reprograms the plant’s natural reaction by redirecting growth into its roots rather than growing upwards and suppresses the gene that makes a plant abort flowers and shoots. This means that when high temperatures come along, the plant has a much larger source of water and nutrients to survive on. Then, when the temperature drops to a normal level, the plant automatically returns to its normal growth and development.

It’s been extensively tested in the Middle East and in The University of Nottingham to ensure it really works. However, perhaps the most interesting result of these findings was the other beneficial effects Chill Out can have on your plants. It’s been proven to improve the flavour, growth and yield of plants which, in our opinion, is a pretty good side-effect to have.


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