How to Prevent Helmet Odour

Helmet Gif

Believe it or not, your sweat isn’t what’s causing your helmet to smell. Rather, it’s the bacteria found on your skin. The smell in your helmet is caused by the process of natural bacteria that live in your skin, (in this case on your scalp) reacting to the lipids and proteins found in sweat and consequently creating an odour. This process can’t be prevented, as sweat and bacteria will always exist, however, what we can prevent is the outcome of the process.

With smelly helmets being a common problem, we decided to put together a quick guide that will help you to prevent odour and maintain your helmet, without consuming too much of your time! Whether it’s for cycling, cricket, horse riding, for use on a motor bike or anything else, it’s about time you said goodbye to the stench in your head gear…

How to prevent helmet odour

  1.  Frequently wipe the inside of your helmet with a cloth to remove residue sweat, the less sweat your helmet absorbs, the less of a reaction and odour. But you don’t just want to reduce the odour, you want to eliminate it, step 2 is key…
  2. Spray the interior of your helmet with Kit Fresh and always store it in an open and aerated environment. Kit Fresh is formulated with unique bacteria that break down the odour causing protein and lipids, eliminating the odour whilst leaving a fresh mint scent.
  3.  Once a month, wash your helmet with a basic shampoo:

How to wash your helmet

Massage shampoo into the fabric of the helmet.

Use a toothbrush to scrub the straps and smaller areas of your helmet.

Rinse and allow it to air dry

For more information on Kit Fresh, read this featured product article.


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