3 Reasons to Improve Your Plant’s Root Strength


It’s not news that plant root systems are fundamental when it comes to their growth and progression. One of the first things we learn about roots is how they function to absorb nutrients from soil, enabling plants to have access to the necessary nourishment required for their continual development. While everyone seems to be aware of the importance of a plant having a root system, beyond this there isn’t enough emphasis on the importance of maximising and strengthening plant roots in order for them to function to their full potential in making plants healthy. In essence, just because a plant has roots doesn’t mean that they are working to the best of their ability. That’s why we thought we should highlight 3 key reasons you should consider strengthening your plant’s root system with the help of our product Deep Rooter.

Protection from diseases

The surrounding area of plant roots within soil is called its rhizosphere, here the roots are surrounded by thousands of microbes, some of which are phytopathogens. Phytopathogens are organisms which are parasitic and are what cause disease within plants. Fortunately there are also beneficial microbes present in the soil that promote immunity and induce immune responses in plants against phytopathogens. Plant root systems are in continual communication with their environment, they are actually able to communicate with the beneficial microbes encouraging them to out-compete the parasitic ones and create a pathogenic defence system. However, if the plant’s root system isn’t strong enough or big enough, this communication fails and leaves the plant vulnerable to disease, particularly in the early stages of development. By encouraging plants roots to grow, Deep Rooter helps to avoid this.

Maximising nutrient intake

Not only is not all soil made the same, not all soil is made for every plant. Different plants grow and thrive better is slightly different environments but ultimately they all need to be able to absorb nutrients regardless of the soil they are in. Deep Rooter promotes root growth in plants which allows for them to be able to cover a longer area to access more nutrients. Rather than relying on the state of the soil immediately available within its usual radius, the plant actually creates its own ideal growing conditions by maximising what it is able to take in by travelling deeper into the ground with it’s roots, whilst also avoiding competition from growing wider into other plant territories.

More use out of fertiliser 

Due to the fact that root systems aren’t readily visible when you gardening your plants, there is a risk that if you attempt to apply fertiliser to them that it is being wasted. Through using Deep Rooter to ensure the roots are growing, you are able to get better value when using fertiliser on your plants because as explained above, the roots are able to cover a larger area to absorb nutrients and also the bigger surface area of the roots will be able to absorb larger quantities of the nutrients available within the fertiliser.

These are just 3 of the many reasons you should making more of an effort to focus on the plant’s growth below the surface of the soil. With the roots ultimately being the life line of plants, the stronger, bigger and healthier the root system is, the stronger, bigger and healthier the plant will be also.


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