How Aquarium Klear Could Save Your Fish from Ammonia Poisoning


Whether you’re a self-proclaimed aquarist or a fish hobbyist, at some point along the road you decided to have your very own aquarium. So, you set up the tank and got a great collection of fish but your dreams of having a fish tank have been going far from great. If you’ve experienced multiple deaths of fish in your tank, it’s time to assess the water quality.

Good water quality is the single most crucial factor when it comes to successfully maintaining a home aquarium. Poor water quality alone is responsible for more aquarium fish deaths than anything else. Essentially, if you’re ever having problems with your fish, water is the place to start.

There are many elements to consider, quite literally, in ensuring the appropriate water parameters for your fish. From the p-H levels to g-H (general hardness) and even KH (carbonate hardness) levels to the amount of Ammonia, Phosphate and Nitrate present. All of these determine the suitability of the environment for your fish and combined with fish waste and excess food can form an unpleasant home for fish to live. They also all contribute to the formation of toxins, which while they are not necessarily visible to the naked eye, contribute a great deal to the increased likelihood of fish poisoning.

Aquarium Klear is a product formulated with beneficial bacteria that digest the organic waste produced by fish, preventing the increased level of chemical waste that forms toxins.  Whilst also removing sludge, algae and green water, this product aids overall maintenance of the fish tank and reduces the amount of water changes without being detrimental to the quality of water.

Please note, this product does not act as a substitute for water changes but rather works in conjunction with less frequent water changes to help you manage the factors that can influence the health and livelihood of your fish.


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