5 Ingredients Everyone Should Add to Their Green Juice #NationalGreenJuiceDay


National Green Juice Day was established in 2016 to motivate people to maintain their health and wellness new year resolutions, especially towards the end of January. If you’re growing your own fruit and vegetables, then you might already know a thing or two about the nutritional benefits of green fruit and veggies, but have you ever considered juicing them?

First thing’s first, let’s explore the significance of juicing in the first place:

The obvious reason is that juicing helps you to increase your nutritional intake. The process of juicing extracts insoluble fibre from fruits and vegetables working to improve digestion and absorption, while cooking them on the other hand, often destroys nutrients. With all the great effort gardening your own fruit and vegetables takes, why not make the most of what you have grown.

You might be thinking that you could simply buy readymade, store bought juices but as a gardener, we’re sure you can relate to the notion that your home-grown vegetables are arguably better than grocery store vegetables. Wouldn’t the same idea apply to juices? We think it’s worth a shot.

To get you started and in light of #NationalGreenJuiceDay, we’re sharing 5 home grown green fruits and vegetables and a quick tip about why you should be juicing them:

Romaine Lettuce

If you’re not keen on the bitter taste most dark leafy greens have, romaine lettuce is a great beginner-friendly alternative juicing ingredient, a lighter green leaf without sacrificing on high levels of vitamins and antioxidants.


You don’t need a ton of kale to gain major health benefits, sneak even a small amount into other juices to enhance the nutritional boost.


Spinach is a great powerhouse of vitamin A, to assist your immune system during the winter season. Perfect for juicing alone when you run out of cooking recipes to make use of it.


If you’ve got a sweet tooth, juicing a pear will be your go-to! Pears are one of the fruits with the highest sugar content per serving, which is fine because these are natural sugars. Add pears to your green juice mix to sweeten up the taste!

Green Apples

Say goodbye to the store-bought apple juice, most likely full of added preservatives and juice your own wholesome green apples at home. Apples are also great to mix with other fruit and vegetable juices.

Grow better fruit and vegetables:

If you want to start growing these fruits and vegetables to make juices, we highly recommend you try our product Early Starter. Gardening in winter can be a challenge due to low temperatures, Early Starter acts as a anti-freeze system to protect your plants and sustain their growth in temperatures as low as 5°c.

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