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Spring Jobs For Your Pond

It’s March 20th and spring is officially here so it’s time to start working on your pond, clearing up after the winter and preparing for the rest of the year.

Most of the UK had a mild winter and despite the Met Office’s warning of Thundersnow back in January, we haven’t had much snow or ice this year. Because of the milder temperatures, there is a possibility that pond sludge and algae have been active in your pond for a good proportion of the winter months as they can grow down to temperatures as low as 8°C.

Preparation Is Key

First things first, if you have any plans for your pond this year, now is the time to start putting them into action. Make sure you have all your pond maintenance supplies and feed stocked up, there is nothing worse than running out of something when you need it most! Go over your filters and pump and make sure everything is clean and working as it should be.

Remove Debris

Remove any obvious debris that could have made its way into the pond over winter. Small pebbles, rocks, leaves & twigs can all be blown or washed into your pond and if they degrade, they will eventually turn into pond sludge. Be sure to clear any loose debris from around the edges of your pond as well as these will make their way in.

Inspect all your aquatic plants and remove any that have not survived the winter. Remove any dead leaves and trim back accordingly.

Pond Sludge & Algae

As we mentioned above, the winter has been mild and pond sludge may have been active in your pond for a few months now. Be sure to use your Pond Klear and Sludge Klear early as it can work down to temperatures as low as 4°C. If you have been using Winter Pond throughout the winter months you may not have much sludge so have a look before dosing up.

pH Levels

Your pond hasn’t had much attention for a few months and although chemical and bacterial levels don’t change much in the cold, it is always good practice to use a test kit to ensure your water conditions are perfect.

Poor water quality and the fast transition in a ponds conditions coming out of winter and into spring can lead to “spring kill” which refers to the loss of fish at the start of spring due to series of related water quality issues


How To Protect Your Waxy Hostas From Slugs & Snails

Over the last few year Hostas have become one of the best-selling plants out there. They’re popular because they’re easy to grow, low maintenance and they will out-live a lot of the other plants in your garden. They do have one natural-born enemy though… slugs and snails.

There are few things tastier to a gastropod than a big, juicy Hosta which is why it’s important for gardeners to take their protection seriously. We have developed a product that can be applied directly to the plants leaves, which is perfect for the large leaves of a Hosta.

Envii Feed & Protect

Envii Feed & Protect is a plant food AND slug & snail deterrent.  Its first job is to provide essential micronutrients to the plant which allows it to grow to its full potential. But what makes Feed & Protect so special is that it makes the leaves taste bitter to gastropods. Rather than filling your garden with ugly blue pellets that could endanger other wildlife, you can deter slugs and snails in a harmless and natural way.

Feed & Protect comes in a powder form that you dilute in water. Because Hostas have very waxy leaves you can add a small squirt of washing up liquid into the solution. This helps the plant’s leaves absorb the solution and make sure it is fully effective.

Envii Feed & Fortify

Our other slug and snail protection is called Envii Feed & Fortify. Unlike Feed & Protect, this is a physical protection. It’s a form of food-grade diatomaceous earth that desiccates (dries out) gastropods as they pass over it. This means it basically acts as a barrier to your plant the same way a moat protects a castle. Feed & Fortify also contains iron silicates which are absorbed into the soil and improve the plant’s intake of nutrients and therefore its health and growth.

Stopping Slugs & Snails For Good

All gardeners know that slugs and snails will never stop in their mission. That’s why having a two-pronged approach to stopping them is so important. While both products work well alone, adding them together will stop the relentless gastropods for good.

For more information or to buy our slug and snail protection, click on these links:

Feed & Protect

Feed & Fortify