How To Prepare Your Pond For Winter


Do you really need to prepare your pond for winter?

How well you prepare your pond for the winter will determine what happens when the weather starts to get warm again. Winter pond maintenance is about making sure your aquatic life are well kept and sustained throughout the colder months so that come spring,  they’re still going strong but also to make sure you get a head start on combating the reasons why ponds go green in spring.

So yes, you do need to prepare your pond for winter…

And to help you out, we put together this guide with a checklist of essential things you should be doing to keep everything well maintained.

This way, you won’t have a big task come spring.

So if you’d rather be enjoying your pond next season, than tending to it, keep reading…


When should I stop feeding my fish?

When the pond water temperature drops below 13°C for over 10 days you can stop feeding the fish. Change to a wheat-germ based food for a few weeks before this as it’s easier to digest and won’t get stuck in their stomach.


Once you have stopped feeding the fish DO NOT start again. Even if the temperature rises above 13°C don’t be tempted to start again as it could quickly drop again and food could get stuck in the fish’s intestinal tract.



Clean out the pond

  • Scoop any debris out of the top of the pond with a fine net.
  • Use a pond vacuum to remove sludge from the bottom of the pond.
  • If possible, physically clean anything else from the pond without harming the fish. You could do a partial water change to allow easier access to the bottom of the pond.
  • Use Envii Pond Equaliser to restore the biological balance to the pond.
  • Attach a pond net around 18″ above the pond surface (leave a few small holes if your pond has frogs or other wildlife that needs to get in and out).


Should I turn my pond pump and filter off?

This depends on where you are in the world. If you live in a really cold climate where the pond is likely to freeze over, then it is best to turn all the equipment off. This is because the fish will hibernate in the warmer water at the bottom of the pond and a pond pump will move the colder surface water around the pond and disturb the warm water.

Generally, in the UK you should be fine to leave the pump and filter running as normal.

Treat with Envii Winter Pond Treatment Featured Product Winter Pond Treatment

Envii Winter Pond Treatment is a revolutionary pond treatment that works all winter. It’s the first of its kind because it works as low as 4°C to break down the organic material that builds up in ponds over winter. This organic material (twigs, leaves, fish food, acidic rain, excrement etc.) acts as a food source for algae which means that in the spring you will find a pond full of algae.

By using our winter pond treatment product, you can ensure your pond it topped up with the beneficial bacteria that will digest all organic waste to help keep your pond clear all winter and in time for a clear start in spring.


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