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Testimonial From A Professional Grower

Around 2 months ago we sent some product samples to  John Soulsby, professional grower and owner of a massive nursery dedicated to growing hanging baskets for the wholesale market.

Here’s what he had to say about Envii Chill Out –

“We have not had much of a summer so far this year, but about six weeks ago we had a really nice spell of hot weather. At that time I was sat on a lot of hanging baskets and patio tubs along with a full stock of garden centre plants.

My typical day was to start watering at 6 am and finish watering at 7pm, serving a few wholesale customers in between. I had worked 7 days a week for several weeks and was due a day off.

There was a break from the sunny days forecast for the Saturday so I decided to take the day off. This was a big mistake and going back into work on the Sunday I could have kicked myself. Everything in the greenhouse was limp and looked dead for the need of water.

I knew it was going to take me about 10 or 12 hours to get through all the plants with water and felt sick at the thought of the poor plants at the end. I was sure I had lost them.

I decided to put your product to test and was amazed at the results.

On turning into work on the Monday morning I went straight to the last baskets watered to see if they had pulled around. They looked great, had just about made a full recovery and over the next few weeks grew into super hanging baskets.

This saved me a lot of money from not having to throw them on the compost heap.

Thank you so much for your product.”

Envii Chill Out is available from our website ,  Amazon & eBay.

Thanks to John for giving the product a go!



Protect Your Plants From The Heatwave

We’re in the middle of a heatwave. Hot air is coming up from Africa causing temperature of over 30°C in some parts of the UK. For most people, this is a cause for celebration but for gardeners it means your plants are at risk. If the temperature outside is over 30°C, imagine what the temperature in your greenhouse can rise to.

Most of us serious gardeners have, at one time or another, had plants die because of hot weather. That’s why we have developed a new and more reliable way of protecting our plants from the heat.

It’s called Envii Chill Out and it’s designed to change the way a plant reacts to heat stress and allow it to survive.

Envii Chill Out reprograms the plant’s natural reaction by redirecting growth into its roots rather than growing upwards and suppresses the gene that makes a plant abort flowers and shoots. This means that when high temperatures come along, the plant has a much larger source of water and nutrients to survive on. Then, when the temperature drops to a normal level, the plant automatically returns to its normal growth and development.

It’s been extensively tested in the Middle East and in The University of Nottingham to ensure it really works. However, perhaps the most interesting result of these findings was the other beneficial effects Chill Out can have on your plants. It’s been proven to improve the flavour, growth and yield of plants which, in our opinion, is a pretty good side-effect to have.

For more information or to buy Envii Chill Out, click here.

Early Starter Makes The Gardening Season Longer!

Envii Early Starter

Gardening isn’t just for when the sun is out. With more and more people growing their own vegetables and gardening for more than just a hobby, it’s important that they get the most out of the season. This is why we’ve developed a plant treatment that allows plants to grow in colder temperatures and repairs them when they have been damaged by the cold.

This means gardeners can grow later into the autumn and earlier in the spring so they can keep their friends and family fed all year round. Early Starter really is a revolution in seasonal veg growing.

The Science Behind It

Early Starter works by suppressing the genes that make a plant go into ‘survival’ mode when the temperature drops below a certain point. It effectively reprograms the plant to generate more root growth, rather than aerial growth, so that it has better access to water and nutrients. This gives it the sustenance it needs to grow away and, in extreme cases, recover from pest or disease attack.

The biostimulant properties of Early Starter ensure rapid healthy plant growth and development, often with more bud sites and bigger plants, even when the temperature is normal.

Treated plants grow on longer in the autumn and start growing sooner in the spring. Early Starter will not give full protection from frost, but treated plants show reduced damage and faster recovery than untreated ones. Best results are achieved when used in conjunction with plant blankets, but it can be used on its own.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Terry Walton, BBC Radio 2’s Allotment/Gardening Expert, trialled Early Starter. Here’s what he had to say: “My gardening year starts in January in a heated greenhouse when in go my onions, lettuce, cabbage and broad beans. These are started off in the warmest part of the greenhouse and after transplanting they are moved to the cooler area.

This winter has been the warmest and wettest on record and a total lack of sunshine. The seedlings just sat there refusing to grow. So, action was needed and I came across Early Starter from Envii. This stated it would stimulate growth of these plants in the lower temperatures and encourage growth. I filled my pressure sprayer with tepid water and added the correct amount of Early Starter liquid and gave my seed trays a wetting with this liquid. After a couple of days and another spraying these dormant seedlings decided to grow again! I must say I was sceptical that this would happen but the proof is in the results.

This is definitely part of my ‘armoury’ in future.

Based on my results I would strongly recommend it to any gardener looking to grow in the early season when the weather is cold.”

Update from Terry Walton 16/02/2017

“Amazing Results! This is a must have for any gardener in early spring!

Last year Early Starter kick started the growth of my plants in my greenhouse where they had stopped growing due to the cold weather.

Plants have shown strong growth and look more healthy and are promising good yields

I would recommend for any grower who struggles to get plants growing early in the season”

Click here for more information or to buy Early Starter.