5 Tips To Keep Your Greenhouse Plants Protected

Treat with Envii Chill Out

We’ll start with this one because we believe it’s the most important thing you can do to protect your plants. Envii Chill Out reprograms the plants natural reaction to wilt and abort leaves and flowers when it gets too hot and instead redirects the plant’s growth to its roots, allowing it to take more water and nutrients. It also has the added benefits of increased yield and improved flavour of edible plants. Treat every 14 days and reap the rewards!

Click here for more information.

Make sure the air is flowing through

Good airflow is important to keeping a greenhouse cool. Roof vents are the most effective form of ventilation; hot air rises through convection and escapes through the roof keeping the greenhouse cooler. It’s also important to have some ventilation on the side to let cooler air in. On smaller greenhouses the door can be used as a vent to great effect.

Choose the right plants

Do your homework. Greenhouse conditions mirror more tropical climates which is why we can grow tropical plants like tomatoes and chillies. There are hundreds of places on the internet to find this information but here’s one we like – http://theselfsufficientliving.com/growing-vegetables-and-fruits-in-a-green-house/

Water the soil, not the plant

If someone was really hot and dehydrated would you throw a glass water over them or pass it them to drink? It’s the same principle with plants and you might be thinking we’re pointing out the obvious but you wouldn’t believe how common this mistake is.

Check regularly

Vigilance is paramount! Keep a constant watchful eye on your plants. They’ll quickly tell you if the conditions aren’t right.

Thanks for reading!

Image by Ronald Saunders


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