Protect against slugs with Feed & Protect

Slugs and snails are coming! Although slugs are active all year round, your garden is most at risk for the next few months when the conditions are warm and damp and there is plenty of new growth for them to feed on. In our last blog post – 6 Tips For The Fight Against Slugs And Snails – we listed what we think are the best ways to protect against slugs and snails. This is just a reminder about how Feed and Protect works and how it can help your plants.

Feed and Protect has two really important functions:

It Prevents Slugs and Snails

Feed and Protect actually makes the plant distasteful to slugs and snails. This means that, while it won’t keep slugs and snails off your garden, it will certainly stop them munching on your plants. Envii Feed and Protect wasn’t designed for this initially; it was just a spot of luck that makes it a really useful product.

It Feeds the Plant

By delivering essential micronutrients – like Potassium, Boron, Zinc, Iron, Copper etc – to the plant, Feed and Protect allows them to flourish to their maximum capability.

This makes Feed and Protect like no other product on the market. The Feed and Protect formula is used in large scale agriculture as a plant food. Envii have re-packaged it and made it available to the home gardener meaning that you can use what the professionals are using.

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