6 Tips For The Fight Against Slugs & Snails

Slugs and snails are a problem in almost every garden. There are a million and one old wives tales that will supposedly stop the insatiable creatures but they rarely have any real effect.

Here we’ve compiled a few tips and tricks that actually work and we’ll also tell you about a few of our own products specifically developed to prevent slugs and snails.

Plant your seeds in raised beds

Okay, slugs and snails can climb up the side of your raised bed but it will certainly reduce your slug problem. You could even line the outside walls of the bed with copper to deter them even more.

Choose a good spot

If you choose a spot away from long grass and other plants it will mean the slugs and snails have further to travel. They’ll also be exposed and therefore easier to pick off for birds and other wildlife.

Physically pick them up

Perhaps not the most glamorous or enjoyable method but you could wait till dark and go round with a torch, picking them up. Be warned… more will come sooner than you think!

Encourage wildlife

Buy or make a birdhouse and/or birdbath. Make your garden friendly to slug eating wildlife and they will act as your first line of defence.

Use Diatomaceous Earth

Sprinkle diatomaceous earth around your plants to act as a physical barrier. As the slug or snail attempts to pass over the diatomaceous earth, it will dry out (desiccate) and die. Envii Feed and Fortify is a blend of food-grade diatomaceous earth that not only deters slugs and snails but also increases the plant’s uptake of nutrients to help it grow.

Treat with Envii Feed & Protect

Envii Feed and Protect is a pet safe slug repellent that delivers essential micronutrients to your plant. The perfect alternative to slug pellets and killer.

For more information visit www.bio8.co.uk. 

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