6 Tips For Starting A Vegetable Garden


Choose your ground

This is really important. You need a spot with plenty of sunshine and preferably away from long grass or other plants – this means slugs and snails will have nowhere to hide if they attack your plot.

Weed thoroughly

If you can find a spot without any weeds in the first place you’re on to a winner! Although, we know how hard this can be, so if you can’t find a weed-free plot, make sure you give it a thorough weeding!

Follow the instructions

Always read the back of your seed packets. The instructions are written by experts who want you to get the most out of their products. They’re there for a reason!

Build raised beds

Raised beds are always a better option than planting at ground-level. It gives you a huge advantage against slugs and snails and gives you better control of the soil.

Prepare your soil

We can’t stress this enough! Follow the instructions in our previous blog post  – “5 Simple Tips To Prepare Soil for Spring

Choose ‘easy’ plants

Choose some of the easier crops to grow such as salad leaves, peas, beans or potatoes. You’ll be much more likely to stick at it if you’re successful.

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