New product – Envii Revive

Since early 2015 we have been working on a brilliant new product – Envii Revive. Since we came up with the idea and developed the product, we’ve really been putting it through its paces. We gave it out to various testers and the results were incredible (see pictures below). A lot of the times with “miracle” products like this, people become very sceptical; but we’re not saying this is a miracle product, it’s just science!

Revive is basically a selection of different nutrients with different jobs. Some stimulate strong growth, some repair plant damage and some target slow-developing plants. Add these together and you get a triple-whammy of plant-saving activity. Of course, it can’t bring a truly dead plant back to life. What it can do is save a plant that’s on its last legs or alternatively it can help a plant that needs a kick-start.

If you need any more information visit /revive or give us a call on +44(0) 1246 240880.


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