Warm Winter of 2015 – Envii Early Starter – winter protection for your plants

Featured Product Early Starter

This post is all about how Envii Early Starter can protect your plants this winter. Hopefully you’ve been following our series of posts about the strange weather we’ve had this winter and how it can affect your garden. Temperatures have been way above average for this time of year which has tricked some plants into flowering early. This could mean that they will be killed by a cold snap and fail to re-flower in the spring… But we can help!

Envii Early Starter

Early Starter is an advanced biostimulant that forces the plants to dig deep and grow stronger roots, which gives them access to nutrients and water from the soil where the temperature isn’t as low. It has two main functions

  1. It protects plants from cold weather if applied before a cold snap.
  2. It allows damaged plants to repair quicker by giving access to water and nutrients.

AND in the unlikely event that a cold snap never comes, your plant will benefit from the increased root growth anyway. So it’s a win-win situation!

It’s a completely natural product and is safe for any wildlife brave enough to venture into the garden at this time of year.

How do you apply it?

Add Early Starter to your watering can following the dosage rates on our website. Then water your plants weekly. It’s that simple.

We still recommend that you use traditional methods like plant blankets and laying straw around the plant. This will add to the protection and give your plants the best chance of survival.


Early Starter is available on our website: Click here


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