Featured Product – Feed and Protect.

Featured Product Feed and Protect

This week I’m going to talk about one of our favourite products – Feed and Protect. It’s a product that we supply so admittedly my view is a little biased but I will link you to some other bloggers who have written about it over the summer to even the playing field.

What is it?

Feed and Protect is, in layman’s terms, a plant food that repels slugs and snails. It’s made up of a concentrated selection of micro-nutrients which act in the same way as a foliar feed but, by pure chance, it also makes the plants extremely distasteful to slugs and snails. This makes Feed and Protect unique in the market as it essentially acts as an all-in-one plant treatment.

Where did it come from?

We don’t actually make Feed and Protect here at Envii. In fact, we came across it whilst talking to our partners in industrial agriculture; they were using it on vast fields of crops where a high yield is essential to their profit margins. Being gardeners ourselves, we knew that there wasn’t anything else like it on the market – because we’d be buying it! The only problem was that it came in 1 tonne sacks, so we asked them if we could re-package it in more manageable quantities and sell it to the home and garden market.

What else do I need to know?

Well, there are two other main selling points to tell you about. Firstly, it’s a natural product; all the ingredients are naturally occurring and it doesn’t contain any chemicals. Secondly, it’s safe for pets; this is a big one for a lot of our customers as so many people are concerned about putting slug pellets down on the ground and having their beloved pets eat them up.

Don’t just take our word for it!

Feed and protect Lettuce test crop 2.jpg

Earlier this year we sent out samples of Feed and Protect to various people in the industry. Here are links to two bloggers who wrote product reviews about it.


John Harrison

“Pro-biotics, The New Wave?”

Alison Levey

“Product Review – Envii Feed and Protect”


Feed and Protect is available at our website: Click here


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