Probiotics for your garden – The good bacteria

At Envii, we often talk about ‘Probiotics for your garden’. In the last ten years or so, everyone’s seen those incessant TV adverts about probiotics, the good bacteria (Yakult, Actimel etc), but what do we mean when referring to our garden? Well pretty much the same to be honest. We mean that we are adding beneficial bacteria to our growing mediums… and we all know how important healthy growing mediums are.

Last week, I posted about how to improve compost and at the end I shamelessly plugged our Foundation product. Well, I’m about to do it again! Envii Foundation is really what we are talking about when we say probiotics. By adding it to our soil or compost we’re counteracting any common pathogens and restoring the soil’s natural balance. This is why we’ve seen such dramatic results in early plant growth, as you can see in the picture underneath.


Not caring for your growing medium is one of the most common mistakes made by amateur gardeners. By getting the natural balance correct, half the battle is already won.

The picture below shows the difference between two pea plants from last season. The plants were kept in a greenhouse, fed and watered the same and planted in exactly the same compost. The only difference being that the one on the left was treated with Foundation. This again shows how effective it can be.


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