The Tomato Test: Improving Plant Growth

How to Improve Tomato Plants by Treating the Soil

There’s nothing quite like home-grown tomatoes. With the sweeter taste and ever so plump texture, shop bought equivalents are simply no comparison. However, saying that, as any enthusiastic gardener would tell you, they aren’t always the easiest crops to grow.

Despite following exact seed packet instructions, watering and nurturing them in desperate hope of a healthy harvest, it always doesn’t happen.

But of course, it doesn’t have to be that way!

You’re about to uncover an easy way to improve your tomato plant crop yield success by enriching the quality of its growing space with our product, Foundation.

So, are you ready to grow your best tomatoes? Then read on…

young plant growthThe key to getting your plants off to the best start is to maximise the growing potential by providing a nutrient-rich environment. Well, Foundation does exactly that. As a soil treatment, it delivers essential nutrients to the growing medium to provide a good base for your plant.

So Foundation isn’t actually a plant treatment, but rather something you should use before planting to, say it again… Maximise the growing potential. Isn’t that what every gardener wants regardless of what they’re growing.

Foundation is traditionally used in hydroponic and commercial agriculture industries, so the proof is in the plants. When tested in the USA among commercial crops grown in Rockwool, it showed a 35% increase in plant survival rate from 60% to 95%. Clearly, Foundation is invaluable to growers who use it at mass scales where big money is involved.

We’re doing our part by bringing it to the everyday gardening community.

But, rather than simply raving about how effective Foundation really is, we thought we’d show you through our very own test, which is broken down below:


Improving Plant Growth with Envii Foundation

On the 22nd of May, we started to run some tests, we bought 3 Tomato plants from B&Q.

1 x Gardener’s Delight, 1 x Beefsteak and, 1 x Alicante and several B&Q grow bags.

We took 3 identical tubs, put a plant in each, watered them with 2 litres of water and put them in the greenhouse.

A week later, we repeated this test. Bought 3 plants, put them in 3 tubs and again watered them, but this time added a tablet of foundation into the water before putting them into the greenhouse.

tomato (foundation) week 1tomato (without foundation) week 1

Now I know what you’re are thinking – why did they wait a week? Well, we thought the best way to prove our point would be to show you how the foundation treated plants can play catch up!

Check back after 1 week to see the progress…

Happy Gardening!


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