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The Tomato Test

There’s nothing like a home grown tomato, they are sweeter, plumper and tastier than their shop-bought equivalents. However, as most amateur gardeners will tell you, they can be a pain-in-the-**** to grow. Even if you nurture them like your own children, follow the endless advice available, and constantly watch them out the window in a state of paranoia, sometimes they just don’t work.

Over the next few weeks we will be covering ways of how you can minimise the risks and maximise your yields; hopefully with minimum effort. We’re looking specifically at Envii Foundation (which can be bought from Amazon or eBay for £9.99). Foundation is a soil treatment that gives the soil essential nutrients it needs to provide a good base for a plant. This means that it is not a plant treatment – it is something that should be used before planting for maximum effect.

Foundation is traditionally used in the hydroponic and commercial agriculture industries. Of course, when there’s money involved it’s hugely important to get your plants off to a good start. In the USA results showed a 35% increase in survival rate  (from 60% to 95%) in commercial crops grown in rockwool which makes Foundation invaluable to these growers.

Getting the basics right

So on the 22nd May we started to run some tests. We bought 3 Tomato plants from B&Q (1 x Gardener’s Delight, 1 x Beefsteak and 1 x Alicante) and several B&Q growbags!

We took 3 identical tubs, put a plant in each, watered them with 2 litres of water and put them in the greenhouse.

A week later, we repeated this test – bought 3 plants, put them in the greenhouse etc – but this time added a tablet of foundation in with the water.

tomato (foundation) week 1 small     tomato (without foundation) week 1 small

Now I know what you’re are thinking – why did they wait a week? Well we though the best way to prove our point would be to show the foundation treated plants play catch up!

The next post will show progress after 1 week.

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Welcome to Envii’s Home and Gardening Blog

First off, we need to lay down a few home truths about this blog so that you, as the reader, know where you stand.

Envii is part of Bio8, a small, local-business which develops and sells bacteria-based home and garden products. It’s important to admit that because, first and foremost, we are hoping you will be excited by the products and want to buy them. Now, that doesn’t mean every week we’re going to laboriously list the ingredients of each product and try to flog them at every turn but honesty is always the best policy.

So – you ask – what are we going to write about? The simple answer is gardening. The longer answer is that we’re going to use this blog to write about the real-time testing of our products and how we feel they can offer some unique solutions to age old problems. Initially, we’ll be focusing on some specific subjects such as compost and soil health, maximising greenhouse crops and protection of plants from slugs and snails.

Basically, we know our products work, but being a new business it’s time-consuming and expensive to prove to our customers that they do. Not only that, commercial testing doesn’t represent real-world application and seems far-removed from the customer actually using the product.

This means we won’t be wearing white coats and sitting in a lab all day hand rearing plants with pipettes and microscopes. Instead, we’ll be donning our wellies, going out into the garden and using the products as our customers would with watering cans and dirty hands.

We truly believe in our products, but sometimes it’s not enough to hear it from us. That’s why we are looking for contributors. Any of our customers who want to write an in-depth review of our products – get in touch!

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Thanks for reading.